[1229] The Secret To Picking This 115-Year Old Yale Padlock 

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1905 Model 805 “Ironsides” Push Key Padlock

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23 ינו 2021




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Hisui Ryu
Hisui Ryu יום לפני
This lock is better, because many people don't know the shackle need to be pull out. So if thief gonna picked, maybe he never figure that out.
Johnathan Saegal
Johnathan Saegal 11 ימים לפני
That shackle sure doesn't enter the body with much length... a good whack with a pistol butt would probably dislodge the nub of the shackle from the body of the lock. ... still better than Masterlock or any Chinese zinc core.
Travis Wooster
Travis Wooster 11 ימים לפני
I have one of these. I found it in my grandfather's tools after he died close to 20 years ago. I don't have a key. Maybe now I can get it open!
ichinichisan 13 ימים לפני
LPL: "If you try to pick this in the traditional way..." 115-Year-Old Yale Padlock: I **AM** TRADITION!
Marc Nelson
Marc Nelson 13 ימים לפני
Have one in my hand now. Found at my Grandfather. Pretty neat piece of history
LockeSoriku 14 ימים לפני
Funny; I just bought one of these for practicing.
Xan Krigor
Xan Krigor 18 ימים לפני
What if it constructed the way that pushing key way was not affect on shackle pushing (they are independent), would it make it significally harder to pick?
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 19 ימים לפני
Looking pretty good for its age... this is from the "they dont make'em like they used to" era
SaltyHashes 21 יום לפני
I'm also only here to mention Master Lock.
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell 25 ימים לפני
Before watching the LPL my mind had only been blown once before when it comes to lockpicking and safe cracking and that was jeff sitar crack the safe quicker than I can accomplish most menial tasks but this mans knowledge of lockpicking I'd venture to say is nigh unparalleled in all seriousness you're like a lockpicking savant
Dalmain J
Dalmain J 27 ימים לפני
That lock looks valuable. I wouldn't mind paying $200 for it.
GWiens2001 27 ימים לפני
I'll include free shipping if you pay me $200 for one. ;)
John Michael
John Michael 27 ימים לפני
This just further reinforces the fact that the most important tool in a pickers arsenal is their knowledge of the lock.
HypeSetter 27 ימים לפני
Company: Hello I proudly present you the safest safe of all time, how we guarantee that this safe is unpick able is... LPL: ...3 is binding...
Trevor S
Trevor S 28 ימים לפני
Stuff made here’s lock when will we see this!!
Dead Serious
Dead Serious 29 ימים לפני
premonition video
Sofascialistadankula Megadonakeratosis
alliwantedwasapepsi 29 ימים לפני
How tough is that brass shackle?
NonStopScaffolding 29 ימים לפני
I worked in lock shop during high school in the early 70s. When those old Yales came in I would shim them from the front with a curved shim and a hook pick. After opening you could get the plug out and make a key easy.
2009dudeman חודש לפני
Now what if you modified the mechanism so that the shackle is not connected to the core, but is instead held in by a detent that the core blocks. So pulling on the shackle does not tension the lock, then you recess the core behind a keyway plate. The proper key can still push the core in and the shackle can be opened (could spring load it), but tensioning the lock would require sticking something into the keyway to push against the back of the core and get in the way of your pick.
save the snails
save the snails חודש לפני
can you tell how you need to pick a lock by looking at the key?
patrick anquetil
patrick anquetil חודש לפני
The age of this lock makes me wonder for how long has lockpicking been a discipline?
RandomStuff חודש לפני
Could have been aboard the Titanic.
Dabombinable Mi
Dabombinable Mi חודש לפני
A good case of security through obscurity.
Dr.Mikizzle Therapist
Dr.Mikizzle Therapist חודש לפני
The internal yugoslavian pivotally fancy because hacksaw seemingly harass apropos a parched hail. willing, living liver
David Tarushka
David Tarushka חודש לפני
So many years later... LPL finally found the key to get into Yale.
bnvdarklord חודש לפני
I wonder; would this idea of a pushable core be more secure on a door? You can't tension it by pulling in this situation.
CoolChannel Name
CoolChannel Name חודש לפני
Just look at all the little bits of styling. We are devolving as a society and the worst part of it all is society believes it is advancing.
Killerofcats חודש לפני
Гарик Южный
Гарик Южный חודש לפני
Всем привет!!! Раньше делали упор на качество а сейчас на колличество. Привет с кубани.
Emmett Toews
Emmett Toews חודש לפני
I've had two of these for years and it never occurred to me to just pull the shackle for tension. Been sliding a shim in and then lifting the pins front to back, using the shim to keep them at the sheer line. This is much nicer xD
Breeze Posts Cringe
Breeze Posts Cringe חודש לפני
“So you pull on the shackle, I’m going to show you how that’s done: you pull on the shackle.”
Harry Vanhoo
Harry Vanhoo חודש לפני
I think I would like one.
S. Stewart
S. Stewart חודש לפני
Beautiful lock
Ryder Thomason
Ryder Thomason חודש לפני
Somehow better than current locks
Waterdust חודש לפני
mattikaki חודש לפני
The logo on the backside of the lock resembles the logo of an old Finnish bank ”Säästöpankkien Keskus-Osake-Pankki” (est. 1908) fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Säästöpankkien_Keskus-Osake-Pankki Perhaps this lock inspired them when designing their logo.
DynamicWorlds חודש לפני
It seems like making a lock on this principle for something like a deadbolt (where you have to push) would be hard to pick especially if you made it visually identical to other generic deadbolt locks. Cheap gimmicky lock mechanisms that you can't tell appart from standard locks would likely be plenty sufficient for most people's needs today.
tonyholt90 חודש לפני
Cool padlock
Ian Broadhurst
Ian Broadhurst חודש לפני
is there a lock you cannot pick
Devon St. Denis - Richard
Devon St. Denis - Richard חודש לפני
"This is the lockpicking lawyer, and what I have for you today is an RSA encrypted password, that I am going to open with a toothpick"
Abhishek DB
Abhishek DB חודש לפני
1905 owner : 🙄
Barry Hernandez
Barry Hernandez חודש לפני
The lock is beautiful, almost like a piece of jewelry, in it's own way.
Enigmata Chasm
Enigmata Chasm חודש לפני
Old locks tend to be far superior in terms of time wasted on the attack, if only because they were made to be as slow to actually unlock as possible, like that old 4 key shrine lock. Modern lock companies are just very stupid in focusing the entire security on the smallest part instead of simpler other measures like a two or three lock latch for commercial properties, almost to the point of sabotage.
Legend Of Ignayteus
Legend Of Ignayteus חודש לפני
Still waiting for the unpickable lock video. At least there's plenty of great content in the meantime.
JoeyRivers חודש לפני
Cmon I dare a company to develop a lock called The Nose and say its unpickable
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon חודש לפני
Anyone still wairing for the stuff made here lock?
AdriReport חודש לפני
Would this be a good door cilinder then? Since you wouldn't be able to pull (from the inside) or would it be just as simple with pushing from the outside?
Martin Hansen
Martin Hansen חודש לפני
Does this man even has a key for his house?
Darryl Hamlin
Darryl Hamlin חודש לפני
At this point I’m convinced when he walks near the lock section in stores all the locks open themselves out of fear.
sirjeffrey claude
sirjeffrey claude חודש לפני
I love the beauty of it's age, but, and, could really appreciate seeing this lock in a sparkling shiny chrome.
Shardul Shs
Shardul Shs חודש לפני
WHY DON'T YOU DESIGN A LOCK..... with all this knowledge, it would be unbreakable
Ken Bladehart
Ken Bladehart חודש לפני
Confusing the lock picker. Thats the key... or lock
theAwesomeBrick חודש לפני
This is a really interesting lock. I imagine the inner mechanism looks similar to a modern pin-tumbler lock, with springs, drivers, and key pins, however once those pins are set, the entire core is pushed inward instead of rotated. I wonder how easy this design would have been to manufacture compared to more modern mechanisms.
screwyluie חודש לפני
can you take it apart so we can see the internals?
Just A Moment with Brian
Just A Moment with Brian חודש לפני
Anybody wonder what kind of lock he actually uses on his house?
redfish337 חודש לפני
115 years ago! Wow, I wonder what locks were like the late 1800s... "from somewhere around 1905" Hmmm.... >___>
Razvan Mihaeanu
Razvan Mihaeanu חודש לפני
I have an idea! Double this lock!
Rizki Pratama
Rizki Pratama חודש לפני
That is beautiful lock
Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez חודש לפני
Are the materials better?
Andrew S
Andrew S חודש לפני
One question: If locked this to something with large enough diameter that your finger couldn't fit underneath the shackle, would that make this more difficult?
Grammar Officer Krupke
Grammar Officer Krupke חודש לפני
I wonder how many people watch the LPL for the wrong reasons?🤔
Matthew Bond
Matthew Bond חודש לפני
I have some old yale locks I haven't been able to pick....I wonder if they're a similar style
TheClipLawyer YT
TheClipLawyer YT חודש לפני
Oh shoot another 1 minute video
Josh PaperDragon
Josh PaperDragon חודש לפני
Why can't they make a mechanism that prevents individual pins from setting?
Don Martin
Don Martin חודש לפני
Oh!! I have one of those locks!! I had no idea it was that old. I guess it’s time to spend the rest of my night trying to pick it...
EricZ Khan
EricZ Khan חודש לפני
What happens to your channel when you’ve picked all the locks LPL?
Daniel Ferreira Santos
Daniel Ferreira Santos חודש לפני
Hey LPL! Would you like someone to edit your videos? I'm saying this cause I'm a Media Designer and I think there could be a rework on your channel :D Message me if you agree. If not, great content anyway.
David Bermudez
David Bermudez חודש לפני
LPL: If you pick it the wrong way will lead to HOURS of frustration Yale Locks: We did it yellers time to celebrate 🎉
tommis1985 חודש לפני
Sometimes you just have to go back to older technology to fool the modern thief...somewhat similar to a manual transmission being a good theft deterrent these days ;-)
フクロウ חודש לפני
If I hear "a click on 1, ...." infront of my door, I might as well just open the door for them.
Josh Crowe
Josh Crowe חודש לפני
I doubt you would need to pick a padlock that isn't locked around anything. I respect your work but in this case it would be nice if you demonstrated providing tension if the lock is around something.
Flamermage חודש לפני
Wow did this lock just gave the lockpickinglawyer hours of frustration or did he just assume noob picklockers have hours of frustration with this lock?
1.5x playback everything - thank me later
when is the impossible lock from fellow youtuber coming?
The 64th Shadow
The 64th Shadow חודש לפני
115 years = 1906
The Original Chefboyoboy
The Original Chefboyoboy חודש לפני
almost looks as if you were to put a good, beefy plumbers helper on that you could twist it open as the pin on the shackle doesn't look that long.
HARDIK Davara חודש לפני
Geeez, LPL is such an expert, now I'm eagerly waiting to see him pick Assassin's creed 3 door locks with his personal tools
John Lever
John Lever חודש לפני
I watch these and imagine that if the lock or device was sentient how disappointed in itself it would be having prevented an attack on itself for less than a few seconds (or sometimes a lot shorter). Poor little guys. Trying their best quite happy with themselves until LPL walks in to boss music.
Marc Scotland
Marc Scotland חודש לפני
Amazing to see old stuff
Mr. Kamikaze
Mr. Kamikaze חודש לפני
I once took 8 months on and off of practicing trying to ride a unicycle untill I finally could. So yah, now I I can do that
Алексей Сериков
Aww, what a sweet chocolate of the locks :3
St0RM33 חודש לפני
where is the unpickable lock from that other guy that makes fun of his wife??
Sycamore Gamingz
Sycamore Gamingz חודש לפני
Interesting to see this show up, because I bought a lock identical to this just the other day, with no key. Nice to see how to open so fast, lol.
dieillumintiscum חודש לפני
Do you do voice over? You've got 'The voice'.
Mike Lacquette
Mike Lacquette חודש לפני
Still waiting for the unpickable lock
Somebodywhoateapie חודש לפני
Security by obscurity.
Baxter Burgundy
Baxter Burgundy חודש לפני
I love how I found some guy saying this was the most unpickable lock in existance on the internet a few years back just for it to be one of the shorter videos on this channel.
Matthew Shooshtari
Matthew Shooshtari חודש לפני
What I have learned from all this is that most locks are there to keep honest people honest. It could also stop criminals without much skill or critical thinking skills. They might try sawing a lock for hours instead of taking out a screw for instance. For criminals who have high skill, the risk/reward of doing petty theft doesn't pay off. Instead, borrowing things undetected, maintaining access to things that are assumed protected and other covert things likey pay the bills. Otherwise resourcefulness could be put to a more profitable use. Making youtube videos, or working in a professional field like the law, information technology, or medicine. All in all this is really great entertainment, and I enjoy exposure to a whole new puzzle/problem solving area. That said
ElFlorete TM
ElFlorete TM חודש לפני
Here I am again to see,how can I do my next burglary... thank you lock picking lawyer for saving my day!!
Tom Kitta
Tom Kitta חודש לפני
So if you know what you are doing more secure the ML - if you don't know what you are doing WAY more secure then ML!
rene charbonneau
rene charbonneau חודש לפני
Would make a wonderful practice lock.
Kent Costello
Kent Costello חודש לפני
You need to show off all your tools of a lock Smith .
Keagstand 509
Keagstand 509 חודש לפני
That took longer than some modern locks you've done. Lol
Bruce Maliga
Bruce Maliga חודש לפני
When will you pick the un-pickable lock?
steve denis
steve denis חודש לפני
I have one of these locks never realized how old it could be.
CraZGuy Kwan
CraZGuy Kwan חודש לפני
I have stopped watching your videos (since that Indian 4-key lock) until you get that unpickable lock from the geeky engineering major
Jordan Brancato
Jordan Brancato חודש לפני
i wonder if there are any locks that take him like 5 minutes to open?
Ed חודש לפני
All the dislikes were Harvard locks
larrybud חודש לפני
Combine this with requiring the core to be turned and you might turn this into a two man, or 3 hand operation.
InfoBlues חודש לפני
15k likes, 40 dislikes He has a dedicated fan base and I love it
Hari Shree Joshi
Hari Shree Joshi חודש לפני
Another one bites the dust
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