[1226] 1980’s Cyber Security - “Floppy Lock” Picked 

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15 ינו 2021




מתבצעת העלאה.....

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Paul W
Paul W 4 ימים לפני
Back when your PC needed a key to turn on and had a TURBO button
FBIMOUS377 5 ימים לפני
Hahaha protect from viruses, hmm lock it?
MKN81 10 ימים לפני
Seriously is there any lock out there in the world that he can't pick?
Fatih Karakaya
Fatih Karakaya 10 ימים לפני
Time of the video in mins/sec is equal to capacity of the floppy in video in MB’s..
Yarpoti 14 ימים לפני
they used it in my school to stop us ne'er do well kids from playing scorched earth insead of working. we had floppies with so many shareware network games on them.
Ikouy Bolt
Ikouy Bolt 15 ימים לפני
My desktop still has one of those drives... internal and yes on Windows 10..,
Tony Callaby
Tony Callaby 20 ימים לפני
😂floppy locks from history u picked a chastity belt to 😂👍✌️
Eric Stockley
Eric Stockley 24 ימים לפני
Wait, is it Y2K Compliant? :)
Eldarduil 24 ימים לפני
A broken pick.. I wonder how that happened.
Ivan Melendez
Ivan Melendez 25 ימים לפני
I went to get water and the video was over... love it!
Ryan Griggs
Ryan Griggs 26 ימים לפני
I bet this was marketed heavily to universities. A simpler solution would have been to just disconnect the floppy drive inside the computer case, then lock the case. LOL great video!
A Man Online
A Man Online 26 ימים לפני
This lock could've been beaten by someone with a pair of needle nose pliers
Bruno McKay
Bruno McKay 26 ימים לפני
Rick has a job lot of these close to 1000 will discount to $199.00.
andrew scoledge
andrew scoledge חודש לפני
I get the feeling the "broken pick" is actually more use full than a regular pick.
Dan Bowkley
Dan Bowkley חודש לפני
I'm not sure if I'm more curious where the heck you found that lock, or where the heck you found a floppy drive.
LGR חודש לפני
When your lock is floppier than your disk, there's a problem
Aidan Chappelle
Aidan Chappelle 11 ימים לפני
Two of my favorite channels!
Singe Slayer
Singe Slayer 12 ימים לפני
The floppier the disk the better, but that sadly cannot be said about locks
ZF20 חודש לפני
Ye olde antivirus
MrBossFTW חודש לפני
1.44MB 1.44 video length You can probably fit this vid on a floppy?
Stephen111110 חודש לפני
That broken pick has seen more mileage than the pick Bosnian Bill and you made
Micah Hidlebaugh
Micah Hidlebaugh חודש לפני
This was over 40 years ago, wait another forty years, and technology will be completely different.
Crawl IntoTheCalm
Crawl IntoTheCalm חודש לפני
I have been waiting for a way to stop viruses for 30 years! I feel like I wasted my life.....
An Intellectual
An Intellectual חודש לפני
Man really had to rub salt on the wound by picking the lock quickly but also with a broken pick
Killerofcats חודש לפני
Fuzz Puppet
Fuzz Puppet חודש לפני
oh gawd this is old
Earlchaos חודש לפני
That device protects computers as good as any common AV Software :D
AlTheEngineer חודש לפני
I miss the 90's so much. LPL, can you lock-pick us back in time?
M3B חודש לפני
3.5" FDD are from the 1990's. In the 1980 FDD were 5.25". Back then in the 1990's, there were similar locks on some, or most, of the PC cases. If I remember correctly, one key opened them all, but I may be mistaken. :)
mason shipman
mason shipman חודש לפני
you need to send this to LGR so he can have a fine time talking about it
Mike Butler
Mike Butler חודש לפני
Don't copy that floppy.
\ חודש לפני
"looking back to the dark days" thats one of the best lpl quotes
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero חודש לפני
Eric Wes
Eric Wes חודש לפני
Does it come in a 5.25" model?
Cain Abel
Cain Abel חודש לפני
Consider the fact that booting on floppy could be used to get around the default OS and its password protection, and the BIOS was rarely secure and password protected, that could have been a critical computer security device.
Swag Games PH
Swag Games PH חודש לפני
I'm waiting for LPL to picked locks of cars.😆 See if he can do it in 60 secs.😁
Dave Hamer
Dave Hamer חודש לפני
Still more security than a Masterlock
Isengrom חודש לפני
It always bizarre to think most save icons today is still a floppy disk and most people don’t know what it is
BBROPHOTO חודש לפני
It's all fun and games until you accidentally snap that top bit of metal off the floppy and can't put it in the reader anymore :(
Ahndeux חודש לפני
I can see the lockpicking lawyer go for the next logical challenge, pick open the floppy disk holder lock. I'm sure the wafer lock on the "security" latch is difficult to pick.
Brad Knowles
Brad Knowles חודש לפני
Nah, it was meant to use on kiosks to prevent people from inserting their own disk into the drive and rebooting the machine and doing something else with it. Also for non-kiosks to make it harder to insert your own disk into the machine to steal data off it.
John Bailey
John Bailey חודש לפני
I need this to protect my Oregon Trail Floppy Disk :o
Michael Raven
Michael Raven חודש לפני
My computer science teacher attempted to stop us from using the 5.25" floppy drives by removing all the drive doors.
asailijhijr חודש לפני
Is there a standard direction or method for numbering pins in tubular locks? I would have guessed it'd be clockwise from the top, instead of anticlockwise like you implied in this video.
Al Guien
Al Guien חודש לפני
**ahhh** my floppies aren't safe!!!
Tony Brenton
Tony Brenton חודש לפני
Used these a lot in prisons in the UK. Stopped inmates using computers from taking data away with them.
J Bert
J Bert חודש לפני
I been waiting for this for 24 years!
Bouke van Eeken
Bouke van Eeken חודש לפני
Still waiting for the lock from stuff made here
T Man
T Man חודש לפני
Are we never gonna see the unpickable lock from “Stuff Made Here” ?
Teodor Milcheliev
Teodor Milcheliev חודש לפני
If you can manage with 1.44MB of critical software this here is the best security device.
P J Pachasa Jr
P J Pachasa Jr חודש לפני
I suddenly feel the need to plug in my floopy drive and see what is on the disks! I have the Welcom98.wav song on one of them. I like to use it as the start up sound on all our Windows pcs.
Alex חודש לפני
This kind of lock was built into a lot of PCs instead of an external addon like this. The pc I had had one built into the drive.
Everything annoys me
Everything annoys me חודש לפני
WHEN WILL YOU PICK WE MAKE STUFF HERES LOCK?!?! Ugh I really wanna see who will win
TheKittenGamer__ חודש לפני
Just imagine sitting alone in your house at midnight and hearing someone at your front door "click on 1 click on 2 click on 3"
MEMATRON חודש לפני
My parents had locks like this around the house that my brother and I would pick with either a corn holder or by taking apart a ball point pin and using the shorter half of the case. It was just as fast as using a key.
Delta One
Delta One חודש לפני
First comment tho: ilclass.info/milk/2JiMhNWRYaeVwc0/wyd-w
N P חודש לפני
Wish I had the ability to utilize broken lock picks in Skyrim.... So many wasted, haha.
Today on the Bench
Today on the Bench חודש לפני
The intended application here were not what I expected. Thought it were going to be some portable diskette case for securely transporting data. But I guess that locking a drive is a novel idea only destroyed by existence of easily swapped external drives.
KorilD חודש לפני
I'm pretty sure my old high school had these on the lab computers to stop teenagers from uploading viruses and Marathon...
32KOFDATA חודש לפני
Please next the NES Homework First Safe Care lock - it has a self-setting combination lock by Master Lock.
B L O O N S חודש לפני
Lets go im the 225,051 person to watch this.
lance bernardo
lance bernardo חודש לפני
No one can hack my CompuServe now.
Steven Henderson
Steven Henderson חודש לפני
Hey LPL how long have you been lockpicking seriously and how many hours would you say you put in per week?
Samantha Griffin v2.0
Samantha Griffin v2.0 חודש לפני
I have a question for you mr lock picking layer can you pick a car ignition to start a car without any keys
LOLDONGS חודש לפני
Only on old cars. 2000's and up is pretty much not possible due to electronic security.
Evan Goers
Evan Goers חודש לפני
Today on LGR Oddware...
Vali Riversong
Vali Riversong חודש לפני
I’d like to see him pick one of those old locks on computer cases that prevent it from being turned on or keystrokes being entered or whatever after seeing him pick a floppy lock
Raided Cluster Animations
Raided Cluster Animations חודש לפני
LPL can you also unlock the mysteries in my life?
Therealswimguy חודש לפני
Yet another day of asking LPL when the StuffMadeHere lock video is coming
Omantra Music
Omantra Music חודש לפני
Curious if you've picked one of these old 1960s deadbolts, they're everywhere in New Zealand. builderscrack.co.nz/trades/locksmiths/christchurch/jobs/74462/jammed-front-door-lock
bruggetje חודש לפני
Dear lockpickinglawyer, back in the days we dint use USB. These floppy drives were build into a computer. Could you pick it without having the entire floppy drive in one hand? That would make more sense for your conclusion if it was a usefull lock back in the day or not.
Tom Coker
Tom Coker חודש לפני
Reminds me of the “Rotary Dial Lock” from way back when.
Munrais חודש לפני
LGR needs to see this.
batlrar חודש לפני
I still have a key exactly like that, but for a removable hard drive! I always kept it unlocked because I was aware that whoever really wanted it was going to get it, so it's more convenient for me to be able to yank it out in case of some semi-contrived emergency scenario. Nothing ever ended up happening to it one way or the other, but it's great to see a video discussing it a couple of decades or so later!
brandolf harpoon
brandolf harpoon חודש לפני
Every time you say, "this is. . .", the voice in my mind screams, "THE STORY OF A GIRL"
Budster ;\
Budster ;\ חודש לפני
Hes picked all the locks this is what he has resorted to
a m
a m חודש לפני
hey lockpicking lawyer can you teach me how to unlock my wifes legs in 2 minutes? Its been 20 years...
Jared Bergstrom
Jared Bergstrom חודש לפני
Where did you even find a floppy disk and drive? I didn't think they existed anymore
Goldenbeard Official
Goldenbeard Official חודש לפני
why you don't start your own lock making company? you'll sell and kill the competition
Donkey the donkey
Donkey the donkey חודש לפני
Fake. The lockpick didnt break in half on the first try
-- חודש לפני
Wish i knew that 40 years ago 🤣🤣
Megan Peck
Megan Peck חודש לפני
since so many locks are bad, what lock would you suggest is the safest for at home use
gewoontimm חודש לפני
seeing a floppy disk.... im starting to feel old :( working with MS/dos and windows 2.1 etc.. but still interesting to see
Nomaxice חודש לפני
Reminds me of the floppy storage boxes I got, I have two with different locks but only the key to one. I'm a novice picker but still, was easy enough to pick the thing. But the picking made me realize the cut was awfully close to the other brand box, so I tried the key, not inserting it fully... Just one pin off. That worked.
Stefan krol
Stefan krol חודש לפני
1.44 minutes video. I see what you did there...
Jonathan S
Jonathan S חודש לפני
I barely remember floppy drives
tahwnikcufos חודש לפני
Back before USB, we'd unplug the data cable or remove them entirely from the computer.
Waterdust חודש לפני
Trying to make people feel old again we see.. also still better than master lock =p
ThatBritishChap חודש לפני
I don't know why I've never subscribed before, I watch so many of your videos and they are fantastic 👍🏻
Brian Michaels
Brian Michaels חודש לפני
Can you do a luxzlox bag? luxzlox.com/products/fingerprint-leather-clutch-bag-men
hayden law
hayden law חודש לפני
Nothing ruins a pair of pants faster than when you can hear the pin click
Engineer everything
Engineer everything חודש לפני
I'm waiting for the stuff made here collab and I want it
Aphiteth Lord of Light
Aphiteth Lord of Light חודש לפני
Thinking of a good design, what i came up with was a multi turn lock which can only turn if these pins are set to turn it this much further, to then have to set those pins to turn it another 45 degrees and set those pins, until you reach the final set of pins which unlocks the lock. I feel as if a design such as this would provide an ample challenge if not finally be unpickable altogether seeing as the key needs to be in the key hole to keep all pins set and you can fit enough tools inside the lock to pick each pin. The key would be specialized so that if could only turn after setting a specific set of pins as well while inside the lock.
daapz חודש לפני
It was still relatively well working way to prevent the kids installing games and possibly virii among them onto dad's PC. On the other hand a lot of PCs also had a similar lock to prevent the machine from booting, although it was easy to override by just pulling the lock's connector off the motherboard as the switch inside the lock closed when it was locked.
nharviala חודש לפני
So, question. For locks like these in your collection, that lock up specific things, do you keep them on their own, or with the things they're supposed to go with?
Bill Bopperton
Bill Bopperton חודש לפני
Video length 1:44 FINE! I'll leave a comment and a like. Good day, sir.
J T חודש לפני
Would be interesting if you would try find and review locks that are worth buying. These gadget lock videos are not worth watching since every lock either have a very specific use and/or always are easy to pick/bypass.
MinisterOfBetrayal חודש לפני
Lies, some of the lab computers in my university still use floppy disks so this lock is still useful.
MemeReviewer חודש לפני
Remember, don’t copy that floppy!
ScapularBore חודש לפני
Must have been a joke back in the day.
ToothMolar חודש לפני
Just wondering, how do you store your lock collection?
Omar Geaming
Omar Geaming חודש לפני
Who else is still waiting for the staff made here lock ?
Jona Vergel de Dios
Jona Vergel de Dios חודש לפני
I'm actually really curious if there's a lock he can't pick. Coz you know, if there's one, some might say he newbie. And if there's not, is he really a lock enthusiast or a professional lock picker? Or better a fugitive running with billions with his own island. 🤔🤔🤔
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