[1227] 10lbs/$265 Trailer Lock Picked (AMPLock BRP-2) 

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18 ינו 2021




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That Guy
That Guy 9 ימים לפני
It’s only usable on a stamped steel trailer hitch. The trailers I use don’t have the flange for this to be secured to.
Joseph Jennings
Joseph Jennings 13 ימים לפני
What, if not this one, would be a trailer lock you would buy?
Mark Wallace
Mark Wallace 15 ימים לפני
Honestly, that's well and truly good enough core. There's been a few caravans and trailers stolen around here. I don't think a single one was picked, battery powered angle grinder makes short work of most. I would expect they glance at this and keep moving (unless yours is a particular target for some reason). I've seen security cameras of them doing it, very brazen in broad daylight. Rather quick.
fresno slaps 420559
fresno slaps 420559 25 ימים לפני
Is there a lock this guy cant pick
Jonathan Dj phase Argiri
Jonathan Dj phase Argiri 25 ימים לפני
I thought the whole premise of a lock was so people didnt enter or steal. What gives in Bidens america?
Roland Fung
Roland Fung 26 ימים לפני
Where could I buy an upgraded core for this style of lock?
R Speckles
R Speckles 28 ימים לפני
LPL: “it’s not bad” “provides relatively high security” “a lock that I would consider using” “the lock pick that Bosnian Bill and I made” Translation: “this right here is top of the line security. You will find no stronger alternatives that cost any less than a small fortune. Anyone who could pick this would probably make more money as a professional locksmith than they would stealing whatever you’ve got locked up in your trailer.”
Angel Chavez
Angel Chavez 29 ימים לפני
LPL Did you get a lock from Stuff Made Here? I wanna know if he actually sent you one?
Greg Hart
Greg Hart 29 ימים לפני
It looks like that setscrew would be accessible while locked. Can that be exploited to disassemble the lock without picking?
Aymanox s
Aymanox s 29 ימים לפני
LPL : " the tools for unlocking such locks are very uncommon" ... Goes to his garrage and makes one.
TheGrizzlyBeer 29 ימים לפני
I dont know how american trailer couplings are biuilt, but here in Europe a lock like this would be relatively useless as you could unscrew two bolts, remove the locked coupler, install your own coupler and take the trailer... Takes maybe two minutes. Do you do it different in the states?
Evan Robinson
Evan Robinson 29 ימים לפני
Good praise for the lock, wish I could've afforded this recently. My trailer packed with belongings for a move was stolen in Denver this new years. Next trailer will get this lock!
Nevir202 חודש לפני
I wonder if he would’ve had any more trouble trying to pick this in situ.... Lying on his back on the ground certainly wouldn’t make it any easier, just not sure if it’d be appreciably harder lol.
Jonathon Talley
Jonathon Talley חודש לפני
Glad to see this is good. I bought this 2 years ago for my trailer.
Colonel Panic
Colonel Panic חודש לפני
I once had a girlfriend who could suck the chrome right off that hitch.
John Turner
John Turner חודש לפני
There goes your trailer. Bye! No lock is safe.!! Unless you weld the hole .LOL
Ryan Moir
Ryan Moir חודש לפני
Just got the DD pick from Sparrows. If anyone has ideas for good practice locks, please let me know. As always LPL, great video.
Zach Silkey
Zach Silkey חודש לפני
Not only are those skills and tools uncommon but you also have to think about where that core is you would have to be lying under the trailer on the ground to get to the core
Desaint חודש לפני
2:27 less then a minute to pick "I'd consider using this lock"LOLOL
Albert Lebel
Albert Lebel חודש לפני
I agree, slap a better core in that and you have one serious trailer lock.
Adrian Mc
Adrian Mc חודש לפני
Takes 10 seconds to open. Yeah you should buy it.
Richard Sleeve
Richard Sleeve חודש לפני
"The skills needed to pick are fairly uncommon and I would recommend this lock." Picked in 55 seconds.
BurntFaceMan חודש לפני
just a persona thing, but i never really understood the need for trailer locks. if someone wants to knick your trailer, they can just chain your trailer to their vehicle and tow away, the ball of the tow just makes it more stable, but I doubt a thief really cares, surely a high end wheel lock on the trailer would work better? harder to knick something if it's wheels don't move. though, even then I'm sure someone determined will try
aterack833 חודש לפני
I’d want one with a core plug that you unlock and remove to get to the locking core that would take a long key, but since the most I have to worry about is neighborhood tomfoolery, I’d likely just get the cheapest thing that fits, and is easiest to attach
Brian Wood
Brian Wood חודש לפני
how secure is the lock itself in the mechanism while locked? That nut looks mighty exposed to me, even if destroying it is the only way. (said as someone with next to no lock knowledge)
Billy Schlotter
Billy Schlotter חודש לפני
Love the videos! And I definitely couldn't pick this regardless, but I would challenge you to pick it in its actual state, lock facing the ground 2-3 feet above it.
Andy Owens
Andy Owens חודש לפני
"The tools and skills required... are relatively uncommon", but becoming more common now we're all watching LPLs videos, and buying from Sparrows. I've been practising since receiving my "PTBBAIM" for Christmas.
Magic Mike
Magic Mike חודש לפני
Seeing how locks are picked is interesting but it would be more interesting if you actually picked them as they are meant to be used. That is could you pick that lock just as quick upside down with little room to move i.e. attached to a SUV or Truck.
RWBHere חודש לפני
Great to hear that you found a lock which gains your approval! Thanks LPL.
Matt Harden
Matt Harden חודש לפני
Show the key
Boe Jiden
Boe Jiden חודש לפני
You should get a bone density test asap and try to relax. Your fingertips look unhealthy.
George Carlson
George Carlson חודש לפני
Picking this lock while laying upside down in the mud would not be so much fun.
BARTMAN88 חודש לפני
That answers the ? On an abloy 350 shackle lock. commonly used on tractor trailers
Anonymus ptbo
Anonymus ptbo חודש לפני
Can you drill through the front to drill out the Allen screw holding the core? Or is it hardened?
Skedaddler חודש לפני
As soon as I heard him say disc detainer core I got so excited.
Liberty4Ever חודש לפני
This picking would be considerably more difficult, upside down, lying in the mud under a trailer hitch. Bosnian Bill made that video (sans mud).
jazwiec חודש לפני
Teechas, leave those picks alone! All in all it's just another disc detainer core. Damn those Brits, they always steal great quotes and make them into songs.
Chronos חודש לפני
This lock, when used properly, is going to be oriented core down and close to the ground. Despite the core being the weak point, I would guess that in that real life scenario I mentioned, picking this lock, even by LPL, wouldn't look as trivial as this video suggest it to be.
K F חודש לפני
literally nobody: me: thats so satisfying to watch
Dhirender Kumar
Dhirender Kumar חודש לפני
Suggest a good padlock
Charles Kile
Charles Kile חודש לפני
Has there ever been a lock you couldn't pick??? Can you make one please so I can sleep at night?
Ewieps חודש לפני
Hey, nice shirt
Ezekiel Peterson
Ezekiel Peterson חודש לפני
Drink some milk man. Your fingernails are lookin mad calcium deficient my guy
Matthew Leamons
Matthew Leamons חודש לפני
I've seen cabinets that are harder to open
R Braz
R Braz חודש לפני
Now I'm going to need a better trailer...
Mittens FastPaw
Mittens FastPaw חודש לפני
First time in a very long while I’ve heard gilding the lily used and in the right way.
hunter childers
hunter childers חודש לפני
I think you missed a easy weakness the torque head that keeps the lock core in place isn't covered when its in the locked position I hope you see this I want to know if thats a obvious weakness or if something prevents any moron with a screw driver from prying that core out
Killerofcats חודש לפני
DikoMan חודש לפני
Tools are uncommon until LPL starts to sell them. Then the tools are not so uncommon and the lock not that hard to pick.
juanprz חודש לפני
Is that core only held in by the allen head screw?!?
Tosche Station
Tosche Station חודש לפני
the pick that bosnian bill and i made is his thermal lance
dannythemedic חודש לפני
Wonder if there is a video of bosnbill and lpl making that tool...
Dave Strang
Dave Strang חודש לפני
Do you ever pick in place? I never see you pick the lock in use, only on a table...
jdlucree חודש לפני
the Allen screw that appears to hold the core in might be an issue
Courage Akhabue
Courage Akhabue חודש לפני
The tools to unlock this lock are relatively uncommon
im_that_jerry חודש לפני
I would love to see the reaction on someone breaking into your home to see piles upon piles of padlocks
John Fischer
John Fischer חודש לפני
"I'm going to get the pick Bosnianbill and I made" - Drink!
CamberwellCarrot חודש לפני
Uncommon skills plus laying on your back to pick it... I think it's pretty safe.
D Hawthorne
D Hawthorne חודש לפני
Picking this while it's upside down seems a bit cheaty. No matter the core, it would be difficult to pick this while standing or kneeling beside it.
Lior S
Lior S חודש לפני
More ILclassrs need to learn from LPL. Gets straight to the point. No long and useless intros. Speaks clearly, uses proper English and always wishes you a great day!
Orangecatty חודש לפני
So, he failed opening the lock sent by thingsmadehere, and not acknowledging it?
Dölüggs חודש לפני
Given that - once the lock in place - you have to pick it from the downside, it's probably easier (and faster?) to unscrew the 2 bolts that hold the hitch in place. Replacement hitch (reuse the bolts ;-) ) start from about 20 $...
Patrick Downing
Patrick Downing חודש לפני
Another thing to note is the positioning of the lock installed would have you lying on your back under the trailer tongue picking or trying to pick blind and upside down.
OzzieBloke חודש לפני
Anyone else get the video advertised as 15 minutes on the main page of LPL? I was thinking this was finally the lock that beat the LPL... I'm kind of disappointed now.
STAGGERLEE חודש לפני
Love that you don't waste our time.
Eriz Ghozi
Eriz Ghozi חודש לפני
Long time no see him consider to use a lock. Also, this is the first time I ever heard the idiom "gilding the lily". Lawyers sure have an interesting choice of words. (P.S.: that means improving something that is already perfect)
Ali Rashid
Ali Rashid חודש לפני
Disc Detainer..... here it comes
madcap magician
madcap magician חודש לפני
If LpL says he'd use it then it's a definite yes for me 😁👍
Bertrand Zerpersande
Bertrand Zerpersande חודש לפני
Question... To be realistic, you would have to be on your back while picking, huh?
Ren Höek
Ren Höek חודש לפני
This channel is great !!! with these tutorials and info , i can pick almost anylock. This channel is making me a good criminal. Thanks dude !
Dennis Jones
Dennis Jones חודש לפני
reality check here, I'd like see him try it on the vehicle, 34 degrees F after a rain and in the dark. Lab and shop is one thing, doing it wet cold and in fear is another. Lock is worth the 265. your average thief is going to move on
Viktoria Thaelin
Viktoria Thaelin חודש לפני
1:04 still, you spend $200+ for a lock you shouldn't have to pay more for it to actually be secure. That's just insane. Like paying $60 for a game and having to pay more to get the content they promised... oh, wait... 😑
Mike Budzien
Mike Budzien חודש לפני
Can you reach that setscrew on the bottom of the "ball" when it's engaged with the rest of the lock? Looked suspicious...
Chancey חודש לפני
what happens if you unscrew the hex bolt?
Connor Willmore
Connor Willmore חודש לפני
Im a little suprised you havent made a lock collection video. You must have an enormous collection
Logan Kilpatrick
Logan Kilpatrick חודש לפני
jj Finigan
jj Finigan חודש לפני
LPL is extremely multitalented
Pepper Jack
Pepper Jack חודש לפני
If you say it’s good enough, I’m a buyer. I can’t find locks worthy of locking up my things, especially my trailer, so I’m into this
Journey of a Lifetime
Journey of a Lifetime חודש לפני
Love to see locks like this picked in a real world situation, 35°f, raining, on your back in an icy water puddle, in the dark holding a penlight in your mouth.
Angus McLaren
Angus McLaren חודש לפני
LPL: I got this open, but only a select few could do this anyway. (Read between lines: buy this one for sure)
Cecil Henry
Cecil Henry חודש לפני
At least the core is replaceable! The trailer attached to it-- not so easily.
Chuck Jones
Chuck Jones חודש לפני
I don't get this one. what does it lock exactly?
B1rday חודש לפני
Is Amp lock publicly traded? Invest every cent In them you bout to be rich
Whatis42 חודש לפני
As someone who's had tens of thousands in trailers stolen(2). when I think about it for about 2 seconds $250 bucks sounds cheap. 3 hours after posting this make that 3 trailers.
Janne Päivinen
Janne Päivinen חודש לפני
I hope that one bolt on the side doesnt hold the core in.
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero חודש לפני
Carson Schoen
Carson Schoen חודש לפני
Can you do a video of a lock that took you the longest to learn; what you think is the best lock, or even one that really is going to take more time than what is worth it/ possible to try and bypass?
Mac Leo
Mac Leo חודש לפני
Money Heist should hire this guy
Jeff M
Jeff M חודש לפני
LPL: This is a lock I would consider using Lock Makers: Put this video on our site
A S חודש לפני
Just bought this 4 days ago! And was concerned when it popped up on here! But glad to see my research was correct, it’s still a better (best) option.
TrenchBadger חודש לפני
I think my favorite thing about The Pick is that you can see what it's doing inside the lock by watching the handle movement as you work. Great video and content as always sir!
Mark62886 חודש לפני
This is a fantastic trailer lock! It would work well in conjunction with a Leaf Lock! www.theleaflock.com
VIRTUE and VICE חודש לפני
When u going to pick theunpickable lock from the stuff made here channel
Dan Curtis
Dan Curtis חודש לפני
Locks only keep honest people honest
Darkmatter ii
Darkmatter ii חודש לפני
I need this on my fridge.
Niranth Banks
Niranth Banks חודש לפני
I can not believe Sparrows still has some stock to sell!
Leroy חודש לפני
Dang that’s got to be a good lock.
Jaakko Vähänen
Jaakko Vähänen חודש לפני
I would love to see you try pick that open when trailer lock is in place as its meant to be used. Not saying you couldn't pick it open, but I would argue it'd make it a little bit less easy that way.
Hessu Hobo
Hessu Hobo חודש לפני
01:15 madman said it
Hoogaly Boogaly
Hoogaly Boogaly חודש לפני
What is a good bike lock you would recommend?
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