[1223] Vintage Ukrainian Pagoda-Key Padlock Picked 

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6 ינו 2021




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memr 12 ימים לפני
For me the easiest way to open it is just un-bend the little petals of metal that holds it together.
A Dog
A Dog 15 ימים לפני
Wow, I'm from Poland and I remember exactly that model of padlock. Even the same color. I didn't know it was Ukrainian. Or maybe they made it across entire eastern block?
HellBent069 24 ימים לפני
Was it Shraup that sent it?!
Crawl IntoTheCalm
Crawl IntoTheCalm חודש לפני
Is everyone in Ukraine named Dimitri?
HakkaDakka חודש לפני
This is the kind of lock that keeps honest people honest, just needs to see a lock to keep the curious explorer out of temptations.
Sw4mpStomp3r חודש לפני
Nice, now I know how to break into my neighbor's house, thanks.
CapitalGearGaming חודש לפני
Everyone talks about "the pick Bosnian Bill and I made" or "This broken lock pick" but no one! Not one talks about; "Wiper insert for tension", now that's the MVP. That is our true savior, that is the tool.
Russell חודש לפני
The lock rating on this lock is 1.46
Jaap Aap
Jaap Aap חודש לפני
You should do audiobooks.
DiamondAssasin1 חודש לפני
I want to see like lpl time himself picking like 50 random locks straight
Matthew Robbins
Matthew Robbins חודש לפני
i started lock picking and it is NOT as easy as LPL makes it seem
Carpty חודש לפני
This is picking lawyer and this is a pretty all of sourcing for all he knows about it is it was made in Ukraine 50 to 60 years ago and ice and from wise see now everything aside and shocks me from dying to fight sheet metal and and the keys to OK so the striping is OK other one and I want done OK folks that was obviously pretty easy to pick even though it’s pretty easy to pack it’s a lot I’ve never seen before so so things to Dimitri for sending it over this
Ethan Walters
Ethan Walters חודש לפני
“Know your enemy” - Sun Tzu
Nathaniel Carver
Nathaniel Carver חודש לפני
Me: *picking a lock with a broken pick while watching LPL* LPL: “let’s pick this lock with a broken lockpick”
John Berube
John Berube חודש לפני
WTH youtube. I get new video notification 6 days after it's posted!?
freeeflyer חודש לפני
How would you have picked it if you hadn't seen the key ?
Ben Harris
Ben Harris חודש לפני
Still took longer than a master lock
YASH RAWAT חודש לפני
On ILclass you can find hobbies and interests of yours that were essentially non existent before it
Ninjagito -
Ninjagito - חודש לפני
whats wrong with stamped parts, the lock looks sturdy as hell to someone who doesnt know how to pick. thats just the impression a newbie gets i guess.
Joel Hernandez
Joel Hernandez חודש לפני
Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a light noise. You silently walk to the front door, and just hear the words muttered “Nothing on one, Nice click out of three, small click out of three, four is biding...”
Matt Games
Matt Games חודש לפני
I hope while there picking my lock with little difficulty they get tetanus because while they also get all my stuff they get a disease
xwj0476 -
xwj0476 - חודש לפני
this guy would be deadly in an escape room
KingofStreets98 חודש לפני
Weak lock
Tkosix חודש לפני
lock works as good as a empty jar
SomeDude Unknown
SomeDude Unknown חודש לפני
trololo gamer
trololo gamer חודש לפני
lol i saw it in real life and it works realy well for 0.5 rubles price was marked on lockbut mines was triple not doble
Игрок10 חודש לפני
Fun Fact, Погода(Pogoda) means weather in Russian
Fiflus חודש לפני
When LPL makes a video about a lock that he can't open, that will the beginning of the end
Frank Ozz
Frank Ozz חודש לפני
OBJECTION: in light of the riots, a certain segment of population needs to know how to pick handcuff locks and ziptie handcuffs. Have a nice day too.
Murat Eraydin
Murat Eraydin חודש לפני
camera make and model please ;)
J -
J - חודש לפני
Alexander Andreev
Alexander Andreev חודש לפני
Дмитрий, опозорил нацию!
Malidictus חודש לפני
You could probably pry the casing open with a screwdriver, as well. Looks like it's held on by just a few clips.
Mobin92 חודש לפני
I like the texture of the material. Could be like a fancy CSGO weapon skin.
Chantillian חודש לפני
Thank you for pronouncing it "Ukraine" instead of "The Ukraine".
mojib חודש לפני
I didnt know how useful brocken picks could be. This is like the 10th lock it has opened
Greg חודש לפני
You have a nice day too LPL
Johannes Viljoen
Johannes Viljoen חודש לפני
This loaf of bread just bought a lock that he knows about the square root of turnip about and just picked it like it was no big deal
trespire חודש לפני
LPL : "Got a click out of один. два is binding." Dimitry in Ukraine : Watching LPL while sipping vodka.
Volodymyr Moskalenko
Volodymyr Moskalenko חודש לפני
Well, "horilka" then, not vodka 😄
AgronoxDT חודש לפני
I just started picking about a week ago, I've opened 7 individual locks so far, but I'm out of locks to pick. Know of any reasonable priced resource I could obtain multiple locks from?
Pendragon ish
Pendragon ish חודש לפני
Which video would you recommend me watch on a lock that really challenged you? Are you ever going to look for a lock that you think maybe you can't pick?
A.J חודש לפני
anyone else craving nothing but a lock that will actually challenge lpl? im desensitized to 2min locks.
Johnce1337 חודש לפני
Glory to Ukraine, Dmitry!
Sparkbomber חודש לפני
Actually, I have seen one such lock before. One of my basis-school teachers had visited (before the wall came down) the USSR and picked one like this. If I recall correctly, these are usually made from left-over scraps and were sold as a novelty in the 80's/90's. In the Ukraine though... got geiger-counter?
EGG-games חודש לפני
When are u gonna do the unpickable lock from stuff made here?
Vec חודש לפני
LPL : "Ok folks!" Lock companies: "Bruhhh"
Waterdust חודש לפני
So in another dimension Walter White was a locksmith? hmm..
R Braz
R Braz חודש לפני
still beats a Master
Ze Wei Liew
Ze Wei Liew חודש לפני
Please teach me how to pick phone locks.
nikhil acharekar
nikhil acharekar חודש לפני
please show unpickable locks and which country makes best locks or which brand makes best locks
WelshTony1's Unboxing, Reviews and Guides
Does anyone else feel like getting some lock picks and trying some padlocks after watching LPL haha
hmmm mmm
hmmm mmm חודש לפני
Man Can't make a 2 minute video to save his life
Lordrinnosuke חודש לפני
"This is the Lock Picking Lawyer, and today we're breaking into the SCP foundation's Site 19"
Love Rule
Love Rule חודש לפני
I have the ultimate lock I'm poor. Poverty Ultimate lock
Jessica Hartmus
Jessica Hartmus חודש לפני
LPL: signs off from every video the exact same way Me: Waits for him to finish before clicking to the next LPL video because his sign off is more of the video than actually picking the lock
MrJunkiePlay חודש לפני
Lock picking lawyer or lawyer picking locks :P
EggoMiniWaffles חודש לפני
Level 0 lock picking skill required
LichtAnker חודש לפני
Can you please crack the corona lock down?
Ethan Murphy
Ethan Murphy חודש לפני
I never get adds on his stuff is he even getting paid for this lol
roolee2k חודש לפני
Hi Mr. LPL, I need your help... Can you help me unlock the key to her heart?
Oz Nerfherder
Oz Nerfherder חודש לפני
Just received my disc detainer pick from Sparrows today! Man, you and Bill did a great job on the design. Truly a thing of beauty 👍👍👍
ChubbyWarfare חודש לפני
Hey could you try and unlock the "hardest" lock that's out here??
RayS S
RayS S חודש לפני
Too bad there isn't a clear plastic lock so we could see how he manipulates it. A locksmith at work had a cutaway of a large combination lock so you could see how everything lines up with the correct combo.
Minnow חודש לפני
You should do this lock, both before and after being hit with a 12-gauge shotgun: ilclass.info/milk/u5-peKeMgX-C1dU/wyd-w
Jacob Kurtz
Jacob Kurtz חודש לפני
what if trees had boobs? what then?
J R Deckard
J R Deckard חודש לפני
The Russians stamp out parts for 200 AK-47s, and 1,000 padlocks with the scrap.
Joe Nagy
Joe Nagy חודש לפני
The gaming historian just put a video up about a lock for the Nintendo. Instantly thought lockpickinglawyer. ilclass.info/milk/jpNlac-hq5dzz78/wyd-w. That's the link. Thought you might think it was cool
Pople BackyardFarm
Pople BackyardFarm חודש לפני
pretty cool vintage lock
Yahazek חודש לפני
As a person from Ukraine, I feel recognized
My Earth
My Earth חודש לפני
For us newer viewers, how about showing a lock you cannot pick? Seems like every video is the same even if the locks are different.
Sophie Robinson
Sophie Robinson חודש לפני
It's kinda cute, and a nice color of blue. Kinda reminds me of the lock on my sister's diary. Which I picked with a bobby pin. Felt guilty, didn't read anything, and locked it back.
The Cruisin' Crew
The Cruisin' Crew חודש לפני
I'd check this with a Geiger counter before touching it... ;)
Lucas Tenório
Lucas Tenório חודש לפני
Hey, LockPickingLawyer.. where do you buy your material? I'm starting my studies and also started to watch your videos.. so, i found a lot of stuff on internet, but some tips would be helpful
MURPHTube חודש לפני
Can you do the Hugolog huo4 smart deadbolt? Thinking about installing it on my home.
kirk overton
kirk overton חודש לפני
Did you know you can buy the pick that Bosnian Bill and him made?
Christopher Crager
Christopher Crager חודש לפני
I like that this one was just a little more informative
Michael Moorrees
Michael Moorrees חודש לפני
Master Lock will steal the design, as an improvement over their current wares !
William Kabelac
William Kabelac חודש לפני
What is the best lock? You seem to pick them all in lightning speed?!
Eduardo Gálvez
Eduardo Gálvez חודש לפני
“If you do have any questions or comments, please put them BELOW”. What if YT decides to put the comment section ABOVE the video, LPL?. What are you gonna do, huh?
Jason Wolf
Jason Wolf חודש לפני
Still more pick resistant than Master Lock
Cannon Ball
Cannon Ball חודש לפני
Still waiting for LPL to pick “stuff made heres” lock
EU Dezii
EU Dezii חודש לפני
Opening the gate to Asgard with a half eaten apple coming soon
Fionbarra omuiri
Fionbarra omuiri חודש לפני
You got to get a chastity belt to open
FFVison חודש לפני
Ah, but at least it holds up against a comb attack... maybe?
Slavko Tretiak
Slavko Tretiak חודש לפני
I'm originally from Ukraine ;) thanks for introducing content
King Lejih
King Lejih חודש לפני
Should try to pick locksmiths unpickable lock
Jack Francis
Jack Francis חודש לפני
Walked to my fridge, came back, lock was picked
Dumek TV
Dumek TV חודש לפני
When I was young we had very similar lock in our front door. I mean not padlock but indoor lock
Francisca חודש לפני
can you make a video showing your collection?
tent חודש לפני
Yo LPL I used to be a good law abiding citizen until i started watching you on ILclass. Now I am a 100 % Kleptomaniac !!!
Luiz Henrique Marsilio
Luiz Henrique Marsilio חודש לפני
Patiently waiting for the Stuff Made Here lock
Bill Stern
Bill Stern חודש לפני
I picked my first lock yesterday. It was a harbor freight lock and The key to it was with my truck key in the auto shop. So I held it with a pliers and rapped it open with a hammer in 2 hits. Still works. Thanks LPL.
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero חודש לפני
AssortedBits חודש לפני
Still I'd choose this over a Master Lock.
Ke Th
Ke Th חודש לפני
Mr. LPL, have you ever considered doing movie reviews? Where you break down movies that relate to lock picking?
Zack Wildman
Zack Wildman חודש לפני
Any update on Shane’s lock from stuff made here???
Deceptive חודש לפני
I just found out about and Nintendo (NES) lock. To keep children from playing. Pretty much a bike lock. You should get your hands on that if you haven't already
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes חודש לפני
i think if they made a lock that opened by only turning the key counter clockwise would make it a challenge for lpl since he assumes that all locks open the same way.
Richard חודש לפני
i wonder if locks being this simple and easy to defeat back then is what started the movie tropes of lockpicking...
Adrien Lefevre
Adrien Lefevre חודש לפני
"This is the LockPickingLawyer"... open the padlock ..."In any case that's all I have for you today"
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