[1225] eLinkSmart “Warehouse Digital Padlock” Bypassed 

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13 ינו 2021




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nady jose villar tavarez
nady jose villar tavarez 11 ימים לפני
The legend tells, " The company saw this video and stopped using these fir for their warehouse, it was too much uselessness for a company"
?????? 14 ימים לפני
Lmao that was probably the only videos where I can pick it too now
Darius Andrei
Darius Andrei 16 ימים לפני
Angela Lybbert
Angela Lybbert 24 ימים לפני
I can't get over how chill he is while completely destroying the locks credibility
Robert Bradbury
Robert Bradbury 27 ימים לפני
Just pour water on it. That will kill the lock. I know because the outdoor model didn't last one month.
A R 29 ימים לפני
Abandoned warehouse lock
Steven Stetler vote TRUMP 2024
Lock manufacturers run scared
Baron Of Hell
Baron Of Hell חודש לפני
You should do a top ten locks of the year.
Joshua Gano
Joshua Gano חודש לפני
Spring Loaded... weak Steel... they should be sold for less then $5...
jun ramirez
jun ramirez חודש לפני
LPL: I am the Lock picking lawyer and I represent the lock picking thief, your honor.
CrazyMoFo חודש לפני
Shouldn’t lock companies have someone like the LPL on staff to pick their locks during the R&D Phase BEFORE they put out a lock! Why put profits above Protection!
Evil LOON חודש לפני
No bueno
NiceRage2009 חודש לפני
Wow, $50’lock, 3 seconds. What a deal!🙄
crizzonet חודש לפני
I use coke cans for my shims for these locks. lol
DikoMan חודש לפני
The fine prints on this locks package say: "Don't sneeze too hard"
Brandon James
Brandon James חודש לפני
These e-lock manufacturers must put 95% of their effort into the e and 5% into the lock. And that 5% consists of a former Master Lock designer.
SASoft Corp
SASoft Corp חודש לפני
How do I express my shock? The ease with which this got broken, am unable to speak!
Eric חודש לפני
Does anyone have the STL file for those padlock shims?
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero חודש לפני
Zoltán חודש לפני
Wait... this has so many flaws... what are the positives of this one? xD The buzzname "smart"?
wackoguywatch חודש לפני
OK.. Nothing is unpickable... So in a list of pickable locks,,maybe based on your idea of skill required to pick them,,, what would you recommend?.... What's your top 5 list of locks to buy or cylinder types, with the idea that it takes a good picker to defeat them?
Klaus Stock
Klaus Stock חודש לפני
$50? If Amazon uses it to secure their own warehouses, you can get it for much less.
Runehorn חודש לפני
Plot twist, those shims came with the lock, and are the actual keys.
Monothefox חודש לפני
Is it sensitive to rapping attacks as well? Many of the spring-loaded ones seem to be.
Said Nimr
Said Nimr חודש לפני
Locks really are way beyond my recognition. No interest at all but I find your channel highly entertaining and relaxing.
Mark Dubeau
Mark Dubeau חודש לפני
ah, the 'smart' startups... all the glitz, none of the know-how. I'll take a lock from a long-standing company with a proven track record, thanks.
Ilya Fenin
Ilya Fenin חודש לפני
LPL making lock companies go out of business worser then the pandemic is
lemans 350
lemans 350 חודש לפני
Beware Amazon junk🗑
Jean Du Preez
Jean Du Preez חודש לפני
That was one of the most easily shimmed locks I have seen on LPL's channel. OMW it's bad
Mike G Silva
Mike G Silva חודש לפני
That was depressingly easy
SamanthaVimes חודש לפני
Looks at time for video: Okay, this lock is junk, let's find out why.
beartastic חודש לפני
A quickie in the morning.. 😌
OfUnreasonable חודש לפני
A skyrim lock has more security than this one
Rani G
Rani G חודש לפני
Do you have a list of recommended locks in different categories? (Ie uses, security level and price ranges)
Yenga חודש לפני
when videos are under 3 minutes you know it’s an easy lock
Nekonata Uzanto
Nekonata Uzanto חודש לפני
LPL's videos have significantly increased the profitability of my property relocation business. Thanks LPL!
jtsinspain חודש לפני
Great stuff, highly entertaining. I don't understand why there are people giving dislikes...
KolektivMozak חודש לפני
Jaxsen Pedersen
Jaxsen Pedersen חודש לפני
It took me longer to scroll through 10 comments
GRAY JEDI חודש לפני
clearly, locks need a new lawyer.
BRAINS!! חודש לפני
Gotta love the lock picking lawyer, he teaches you how to break into shit and then will defend you in court (if you get caught). 👍
Healing Class
Healing Class חודש לפני
At this point I am certain lock companies do not even bother with Quality Assurance testing at all.
Austin Height
Austin Height חודש לפני
is there any lock that cant be picked?
Gameboygenius חודש לפני
On a good lock: I got click out of pin 2. Pin 5 is binding. Oh boy, what a deep fault set. This thing must be full of spools. On a bad lock: I got a click out spring loaded locking lug 1. I got a click out spring loaded locking lug 2. Open!
Abul Hasan
Abul Hasan חודש לפני
Since your so good at picking locks, why don't you make a unbreakable lock? Let's see what you come up with.
James O'Brien
James O'Brien חודש לפני
Does he provide consulting to the vendors? If it was my company making a lock that was supposed to be super secure - I'd give it to this guy to get his input.
PrincetonTV חודש לפני
Could this one be better ? Fingerprint Lock Smart Keyless Anti-Theft Padlock Biometric Electronic Lock USB | eBay www.ebay.com/itm/264432506382?mkevt=1&mkcid=28&chn=ps
Mike Hotchkiss
Mike Hotchkiss חודש לפני
Great combo, high budget lock and low budget shims
pk10006 חודש לפני
Justin Streeter
Justin Streeter חודש לפני
Oh look a paper weight. I wonder how many you have sir.
Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey חודש לפני
But can it stop a .50 cal?
Longbow64 חודש לפני
Im suprised it didnt open while you were berating it, just to save itself the humiliation. And if the finger pad is vandalized, does it become really useless?
Xan Krigor
Xan Krigor חודש לפני
Actually there about 1230 different locks, that got picked, so that it's hard to filter them as exclusion filter. But do you have any list of actually secured locks?
RWBHere חודש לפני
94 seconds for the video.. Shall I watch it? Of course! It's Harry's Game. 😁👍 EDIT: Aaaaand..... shimmed in 7 under seconds. Twice. Thanks for the warning, LPL.
Fabio Mora
Fabio Mora חודש לפני
I only will say that I hope bulgars on my neighborhood aren't suscribed to this channel
Stanislav Alekseev
Stanislav Alekseev חודש לפני
i Hav ethe Same, and Using this for Work Ist Perfekt.
Noan YoBiseniss
Noan YoBiseniss חודש לפני
HAH, AMazon is protecting this product and won't let me leave a review. Corporate scumbags.
Dnl Grn
Dnl Grn חודש לפני
How do you pick which lock to buy? or should I say how do you not pick which lock you should buy. Or should it be, how do I buy a lock that I cannot pick? or maybe should I pick a lock that I should not buy? you pick.
Rock n Roll Dinosaur
Rock n Roll Dinosaur חודש לפני
Hahahahaha ... pauses to take breath ... hahhahahahahahaha. Outstanding sir!
LetTheWritersWrite חודש לפני
Cue the Ugandan funeral.
Db8nIsStupid חודש לפני
It's called "Warehouse" because that's where they should remain
dead-_-beat חודש לפני
Imagine if LPL was a villain? No one would be safe Not the president Not the banks And when he gets caught it would be hard to detain him with his skills
Andika A.K.
Andika A.K. חודש לפני
The action start 00:48 - 00:57
Rodrigo Christian Grataroli Quintas
James Wong
James Wong חודש לפני
It can make the video 10 minutes long, must be a good lock !
Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn חודש לפני
hey, I know you like to pick the locks more than destroy them but Bosch has this tiny 12v angle grinder and I was wondering if you'd be interested in testing it out on some bike and padlocks.
M T חודש לפני
just 2 trials? Maybe it's a fluke 🙃
Emmanuel Mata
Emmanuel Mata חודש לפני
10 years later the only reason i found him was to pick my own lock, And here I am; Thinking im an expert LocksSmith but still haven't opened my original Lock I Googled lol
Lincoln Pascual
Lincoln Pascual חודש לפני
I cannot express how much I love watching LPL stick it to half assed corporate get rich quick schemes. I mean, is it really too hard to simply sit down and engineer something without decades old weaknesses that are well known? Even MY MOM knows what padlock shims are... she can't even unlock her smartphone without help! JFC, I have absolutely no engineering background and I could come up with a better lock that this...
R Braz
R Braz חודש לפני
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop Shimmy shimmy bop Sittin' in a native hut All alone and blue Sittin' in a native hut Wonderin' what to do Along came LPL He showed me what to do First I was amazed Soon I learned a step or two Put me in a daze Goin' shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop Shimmy shimmy bop
A B חודש לפני
Just FYI, if you try to post a review without buying, you'll get "Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews". Probably because of this video. ha ha
Demons Rexis
Demons Rexis חודש לפני
Seems pretty suitable for warehouses that were empty...
oliver bergin
oliver bergin חודש לפני
J G חודש לפני
James Davis
James Davis חודש לפני
This is SUCH a damming video; that can/will easily put them out of business, as a direct result of this video. It sure seems like I could TRY to sue you, because your actions DIRECTLY lead to this...somehow...some crafty lawyer out there is formulating a plan against you.
djblast101 חודש לפני
I always click these videos thinking I won't be surprised but I always am. Love these
David Mendez
David Mendez חודש לפני
“Warehouse lock” More like “Where the heck did all the stuff in my house go? I had a lock.”
Dave Lee
Dave Lee חודש לפני
Lmao love this guy..
Submitted by Mail
Submitted by Mail חודש לפני
It took twice as long to introduce the lock then it did to open it.
Whu Dhat
Whu Dhat חודש לפני
We used to make those shims out of pop cans in HS to gain access to our buddies PE lockers (secured by master rotary combination locks) for a little pranking
Donnie Robertson
Donnie Robertson חודש לפני
Great job and video like always
Evan Villarreal
Evan Villarreal חודש לפני
Omg I love the genuinely condescending but still teaching u something tone, like do better lock companies I’m not impressed....he just made this lock and the people who made it looooook likeeeeeeee a bitchhhhhh
Georgios Mandenakis
Georgios Mandenakis חודש לפני
Oddman1980 חודש לפני
This could be done with bits of a soda can, too.
Jager Gerg
Jager Gerg חודש לפני
Andrew James
Andrew James חודש לפני
How do you store all of these locks?
Jennifer Delp
Jennifer Delp חודש לפני
Tycho Brahe
Tycho Brahe חודש לפני
I'm glad he did it one more time. So we can be sure it wasn't a fluke ;-)
mahadevovnl חודש לפני
I'm afraid to buy locks now. I just need a video where LPL tells us: "Guys, I worked together for pay with to make a lock that's actually designed to be awesome. Here it is me picking it anyway, and I get no commissions for it, but it's quite a good lock. Time to pick is 6 minutes but it'll fart in your face three times and sing the Macarena at 110 decibels, so you know it's gonna make life unpleasant and happy at the same time for whoever is trying to get into whatever you're trying to lock."
xcvsdxvsx חודש לפני
LPL you should make a webstore selling the best locks for the best price ranges for given applications. No one could do that service as well as you. You would make a killing. People wouldnt need to spend a bunch of time researching, they could just buy the lock they needed for their application in their price range and be happy.
Planet Phatness
Planet Phatness חודש לפני
And someone is probably paying an engineer six figures to design these things.
Jakub חודש לפני
godnessy חודש לפני
I'm gonna open your warehouse with 2 broken piece of metal :D
Athaariq Ardiansyah
Athaariq Ardiansyah חודש לפני
Imagine LPL go visit each manufacturer like Gordon Ramsay
Daeva83B חודש לפני
What? I just grabbed a mandarin and you opened it already? haha You know, i trust no lock because of you. Sometimes i try to search a lock you weren't able to pick. I start to think there aren't any.. hehe
James LaFayette
James LaFayette חודש לפני
Romans 6:23 esv For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. #TurnToChristAndLive
Jackson Evans-Hall
Jackson Evans-Hall חודש לפני
Called a warehouse padlock because whoever owns this lock will wonder where all of the shit from their house went when they get back.
ghostkilla93 חודש לפני
Its literally like these companies never heard of shims or bolt cutters.
Kirill Ivanov
Kirill Ivanov חודש לפני
Why can't there be a proper fingerprint lock
Doubleheaded Eagle
Doubleheaded Eagle חודש לפני
I’d like to request a vid where you showcase locks that are passable in your opinion. At different price points. Many thanks.
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